Available courses

The anatomy and physiology module will provide an essential foundation for naming and locating structures within the human body and understanding how the body works and functions in relation to exercise.  

The nutrition module will provide an important foundation for understanding dietary intake and how food and nutrients contribute to health. It also covers a range of important concepts for the application of nutritional strategies in relation to specific health and fitness objectives. 

Personal Training is more than just being an exercise instructor. It also requires the trainer to know how to successfully operate a business, to understand customers wants and needs, and to provide effective business offerings that meet those needs. This course teaches these essential skills and much more. 

This module teaches the importance of professional consultation for gathering the right information, how to select the right health and fitness testing, and how to develop an effective long and short-term programme plan. These are essential steps prior to applying exercise as a personal trainer. 

This module teaches a wide range of different exercise techniques and how to effectively instruct a client throughout a full training session. 

The Sleep Recovery Specialist is a short professional development course to learn the necessary skills to support, assess, and develop strategies for optimising sleep as an effective health and exercise recovery tool.